Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Newsletter March 2006

Hi All,

The first couple of weeks of this year passed with quite some exciting happenings, besides settling down with my wonderful husband in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tune in, here is how things began to boogie for Andrea Gerak:

1. Featured Artist at MP3 Unsigned, UBL, UKM, Radio Renascenca
2. SoundClick Interview, Charts and Radios
3. In the News
4. New Song!!!
5. MySpace Site
6. Statistics
7. Studio work started

1. Look at who is the Featured Artist at New Age genre of MP3 Unsigned, featured artist of the week (2/February) at the Ultimate Band List of ARTISTdirect, of the Month (February) at UK Music Review, and
the song Lonely Is The Bird was featured in the "First Line" of the Radio Renascenca of Portugal (24/February)

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2. SoundClick Interview, Charts and Radios
How did it all start? How is it to be an independent artist, walking my way? Find out bits and pieces, from the latest interview at SoundClick

In the past couple of months, four of my songs reached into the first 30 on the charts in their genre, without any promotion, e.g. no banners, Featured Band or other ads, which is pretty good! The best ones are the a cappella version of There Is No Greater Sadness which reached #8 and Don't Fall Asleep with #6.

Radio stations playing my songs: violincyndee's station, little birdie's station, Looking For Voices / Buscando Voces, Músicas del Planeta

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3. Andrea Gerak In The News
Dialogos 3, Spanish blog with the latest news in the New Age/World scene, wrote an article with the title of
ANDREA GERAK the Enigmatic Hungarian Female Voice, Possible Successor of Marta Sebestyen

The article appeared in 3 languages in the media and got great worldwide exposure.

Spanish: Diálogos3, Musicas del Mundo, FULL Services, Americas-Fr.com, Guebon.com

English: World Music Central, Tradivarium, Long Island Journal, Hungarian News, Musiq Queen, Jazz News, UK Musice Review, Artists Without Frontiers, My MusicCode, Asylum Law, Found Horizons, Drummer Cafe, CelebrityBlog.Net, So Musical, Sinhala Jukebox, Music Industry News, Dubai News, and several other sites.

Hungarian/MAGYAR: Beats, Hangzorro Nagyszinpada, Folder, Zene.hu, Diak TV, Hirstart, Hirmag, Hirfal, Kazincbarcika Net, MyMusic.hu, Zenesz Info

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4. New song!!!
Here is the anticipated song: Don't Fall Asleep
First piece of a cooperation with Angel Oros (Cambridge) a versatile and productive composer demonstrating quality, maturity and know-how, a real veteran in music and
Jose Ferrandez (Nusratfateh) a multi-instrument musician.
Get it on your mobile here:

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5. MySpace Site
I put up a site on
Check it out, and if you like the company, join!

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6. Statistics
As a result of all this, my official website now is receiving 10x as many individual visitors as in the end of last year, which is quite a jump!
This way, I feel I can be there not only in all over Europe, USA, Australia, Mexico and Japan, but even in such parts of the world like Malaysia, Togo, Seychelles, Iceland or the Dominican Republic, as music lovers do get to my site from 90 countries of the world, including these exotic ones - not to mention the US Government and US Military; indeed, I have visitors from there...
Thanks for everyone for popping in to my place, and come back often to see what's cooking!
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7. Studio works started with Barozda

The band from Transylvania has been playing for 30 years. Stay tuned for the sounds that will give you some real Hungarian feeling !

*** *** ***

Enjoy my songs of course, you can also BUY THEM

Keep your ears open: new ones are coming out at any moment!

Spread the word and share these news with your friends.

Cheers, Andrea

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