Friday, April 28, 2006

Andrea Gerak song in "Best of MySpace Music"!

Every Thursday evening the Podcast of MySpace features at least 10 new songs. The latest one is TecKnowTronnycaa Volume 1, a techno/electronica set with the best songs that could be found on MySpace in this genre.

Last song, the cherry on the cake is:

Don't Fall Asleep

Andrea Gerak - vocals
Cambridge - (Angel Oros) - synthetisers
NusratFateh (Jose Aurelio Ferrandez) - duduk, ney
Edgar - percussions

Medieval dance, based on a Hungarian folk song of Zoboralja, with drops of music from the Middle East and Northern Europe, wrapped in techno.

Listen here:

Here is a copy of just the link as well:

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