Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Midsummer Music in Eskilstuna, Sweden

Csardas from Szatmar

Hungarian folk music for Sweden's National Holiday: faces brightening up with smiles, heads moving to the rythm, feet tapping on the floor, round of applause, grateful thanks for the invigorating concert

Andrea Gerak's debut performance with one of the most recognized folk bands from Transylvania, Barozda at the Blue Hall of Sörmlands Musik & Teater, in Eskilstuna. The concert was a classy closing event of the National Holiday celebrations. Ars Musica is the region's most renowned choir, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Here you have some "paparazzi" pictures:

In the Green Room

Csardas from Szatmar

Barozda: Csongor Simo (violin), Lajos Toro (viola), Jozsef Simo (contrabass)

Ars Musica (conductors: Jarl Einar Johansson and Richard Berg, piano: Jan-Erik Törgnen)

Blue & yellow flowers for Sweden's National Day

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