Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006: Year of New Beginnings

It's time to wash the last glitter particles out of my hair that are still there after the New Years dinner, and already from a distance, take a look back at the past year.

A lot happened, we can say that it was really a year of new beginnings in my career as well as privately.

So what is in the inventory?

New a cappella recordings:
Jaj, de sokat áztam-fáztam
Jaj, pártám (Weddings songs)
Songs from Domaháza

New world music singles:
Ne aludj el - Don't Fall Asleep (Dance)
Nincsen a világon (Minimal-Art remix)
Jaj, de sokat áztam-fáztam - Yay, I've been freezing

New albums:
Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird)
Authentic Hungarian Village Music

Madárka, madárka (Little Birdie). A rarity on iTunes!

Concerts: solo performances as well as with the band Barozda The greatest one was the Brugges Festival in November.

Excited, because my last performance as a dancer was in 2002, since then I was only singing on stage. It's sooo fantastic now to put on the dancing shoes again!

Media coverage:
Articles, news appeared in countless music magazines, news portals: in Hungarian, English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian. Diálogos3, Musicas del Mundo, FULL Services, Americas-Fr.com, Guebon.com, World Music Central, Tradivarium, Long Island Journal, Hungarian News, Musiq Queen, Jazz News, UK Musice Review, Artists Without Frontiers, My MusicCode, Asylum Law, Found Horizons, Drummer Cafe, CelebrityBlog.Net, So Musical, Sinhala Jukebox, Music Industry News, Dubai News, Beats, Hangzorro Nagyszinpada, Folder, Zene.hu, Diak TV, Hirstart, Hirmag, Hirfal, Kazincbarcika Net, MyMusic.hu, Zenesz Info, MP3 Magazin, Top40-Charts, Nieuwsblad, NOVOteka, Live Radio, Special Radio, Radio Renascenca, Tilos Radio - to name a few.

Interviews: TIPP Magazin and in KOZELET

To end the year off, the song Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird) was featured in the Electrical Language podcast. The 11 songs of the anniversary edition was chosen by listeners, from the songs played during the year.

What will 2007 bring?

Let me just share the first projects will you: Cambridge is working on yet another single.

At the moment, I am recording a song for the upcoming album of Paul Kwitek

And as for my private life, it was the first year together with my husband in our new little home, my son became taller than I am, my parents are doing better than ever as far as I can remember, I could devote some time to my other passion, photography. See my photo blogs

That's in a nutshell, this year ahead us looks even greater!

Thanks to everyone for finding me, keeping contact online and offline, listening to my songs, visiting my blogs, leaving comments.

Wish you a fantastic year!

Andrea Gerak

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claude said...

I wish you a great carrer in 2007. I give you my mimosa flowers to begin this year with happinness.