Saturday, December 01, 2007

From the Pacific to the Atlantic

A song travelling through the ether, after having been recorded 40 years ago in a village of Malaita, Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. A folk song called Rorogwela, a lullaby sung by an elderly woman.

Since then, the melody became well known, such names composed music to it as Deep Forest or Jan Garbarek, or recently the Canada based Existence Records gathered electronica masters to remix the song and presented Deep Forest Sweet Lullaby Remixed album with 16 artists.

Andrea Gerak's voice appears in two other versions, composed by the Spanish Cambridge which are spreading around all over the world on websites such as Last FM, YouTube or SoundClick.

Last week the Rorogwela Sunset Mix was featured at the 100th edition of Electrical Language Podcast and now it is played on AMPed, the Official Podcast of the Association of Music Podcasting, Andrea herself introducing the track.

Listen to the AMPed Show #102 online, with an international artist selection from Russia, Sweden, UK or download it

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