Saturday, October 18, 2008

Off I go!

Now I seriously start to consider getting mobile internet - if I am on the road many times for weeks, it's NOT comfy to find net cafés all the time and pay a lot for using a computer which is today a very basic business tool.

But this time I might still do this in the old way, so please don't be disappointed that I can't keep contact with you as much as I would love to.

Where do I go? Well, you can guess: Hungary, of course :-)

Singing a bit, dancing a lot, doing my business, visiting friends and family, seeing fellow musicians, eating nice stuff...
If you are around and can make it to any of my gigs, I will be the happiest to see you there!!

And even you know what? you can even give me a call on my Hungarian number and see if we can have a tea - wouldn't that be awesome? +36704023173

Otherwise, surf around on my sites (here is a link directory to all of 'em: music, photos, private etc) and you can find all kind of nice things - for example, did you know about the download specials where you can get any of my 3 albums for even 0.-$? Well, check it out and get some!

Also, why not follow me on Twitter?

Have to go now, still figuring out what clothes to pack :-))

Wish you great times till I see you again,


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