Monday, December 29, 2008

We Heart Music interview

Listen to Andrea Gerak talking from Stockholm, Sweden to Vu Nguyen in Minneapolis, US on We Heart Music Radio and find out

- Why does a Hungarian folk singer live in Sweden?
- How did Andrea start to sing?
- What are the different types of songs she is doing and with whom?
- What is she up to for the coming year?
- bonus: What about her photography?

Note: 2 musicians of the album Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird) not mentioned by name in the interview: Edgar Molina on percussions and Sandor Fekete-Kiss on synths.

Direct link to the interview
Or go to We Heart Music podcast and find #038

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claude said...

Thais is a great pleasure to hear you talking and singing. I wish you a very Happy New Year Andrea.
May your health be good and make you strong.

claude said...

Thanks you for your Good Whihes, Andrea !

Cambridge said...

Hey, Andrea. Your voice is cold, friendly.

This i said in Spanish: Ay!, que me parto! XD Ángel Orós, in Sweeden. I Gone far, far... ;)

Thanks. This interview is for my blog.

Happy new year. To the next song. ;)