Thursday, September 17, 2009

Andrea Gerak recommends: Understanding of Music Seminar by Duncan Lorien

If you ever had an idea or wish to learn an instrument or more about music, the weekend seminar Understanding of Music by Duncan Lorien is The Thing to do! Also recommended for music professionals, teachers, performers, basically anybody who is involved with music in some way.

Coming to Sweden soon!!!

"I did his seminar Understanding of Music first in 1998 and still today I am thankful for one piece of information I learned there, which gave me a big kick in my decision to become a professional singer. Sure I learned more stuff, but that one particular datum was kind of life changing for me." - Andrea Gerak

Read more and find out what Andrea has to say about this seminar, her personal experiences How and where to learn music?

Next date: 9-10-11 October, Stockholm
For more info, CONTACT
+46 730245566
info at andreagerak dot com

In Sweden, organized by Blue Lemon Management

Attendees in Stockholm, 2008 May

For further dates worldwide, see the schedule on the official website

And if you attend the seminar, great fun guaranteed, and tell them Andrea sent you :-)

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