Thursday, October 01, 2009

Andrea Gerak sings for World March for Peace and Non-Violence Launch

Tomorrow, the 2nd of October is the International Day of Non-Violence when the World March for Peace and Non-Violence will be launched in New-Zealand.

All around the globe there will be events celebrating the start, broadcasting live the official ceremony, speeches, artistic performances, live non-violence signs.

The Stockholm event will be held at Norrmalmstorg where Andrea Gerak was selected to perform along with Chilean singer-guitar duo Pepe&Mari and well known Swedish actress, singer, songwriter Regina Lund.

Event starts at 16:30, ends at 19:00, with attendees forming a live non-violence sign.
Press release of the Stockholm event (in Swedish)

Andrea was one of the first endorsers in Hungary, joined the movement in February this year, along with her world famous colleague Marta Sebestyen.

Andrea's message about the march:
"This initiative is a great step toward a sane and rational Earth. It's time for a takeover: our world should be controlled by well-intentioned forces and groups which strive for constructive goals, which want valuable and joyful activities, happy living for themselves, their families, friends, nations and the whole Mankind. The great majority of people have these ideals. Let it be then the determinant majority!"

Andrea Gerak giving an interview on 2009 March 20, for the Hungary chapter
VIDEO (in Hungarian)

Non-violence sign in Budapest

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