Monday, May 31, 2010

Concert review: Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz 2010

A short concert review from Andrea Gerak, of jazz singer Elisabeth Kontomanou:

Since my 4 years I have spent in Sweden, one of my greatest experiences was this concert last Saturday: Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz Festival (Stockholm).

The internationally touring brilliant singer put an outstanding show on the stage, featuring her outstanding vocals conveyed with passion and communication, great stage presence, remarkable musicians and vocalists, songs that gave chills, tears or joy to the audience, making them clapping, tapping, singing along, laughing, or submerging deep in their thoughts and emotions, evoked by the melodies.

A very professional performance and very human in the same time; Elisabeth is a master of keeping contact with the audience in a lovely manner.

Have to mention how respectfully she treated her colleagues on stage: six of them being excellent young talents (three of them in fact her sons!), and despite of that we could witness a few first time performances, such as the opening song, each performer did a great job. Apparently all of them on the stage enjoyed every minute of the show, just as did the audience.

Lead Vocals : Elisabeth Kontomanou
Drums : Donald Kontomanou
Bass : Lars Ekman
Piano : Pelle Karlström
Guitar : Erik Söderlind
Guitar : Joey Belmondo
Backing Vocals : Pixie Jakobsson
Backing Vocals : Christine Sundberg
Special Guest : Gustav Karlström

To get a little taste, open Elisabeth Kontomanu's MySpace and play the songs while looking at the photos.

Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz 2010. Photo: Andrea Gerak

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