Thursday, January 13, 2011

Andrea Gerak - Beata Salamon duo

Two Hungarian girls, with two voices and a fiddle - plus sometimes a little boy with a fiddle, Beata's very talented 12-year-old son, Akos...

Beata Salamon - fiddleBeata Salamon fiddler founded her band Méta in 1983.

1985 - : She is a folk violin teacher. She also taught at several dance house players' courses, other courses abroad, folk music camps and at their own Méta folk music camp. She has been the folk-violin teacher at the Pikéthy Tibor Music High School in Vác since 2004. 

She travelled all around the world with her group Méta. They have published 9 CDs so far. She also appears on plenty of albums together with other folk musicians.
She takes part in the composition of the Hungarian National Curriculum.

Her book A Collection of Hungarian Folk Tunes for Student of the Violin was published by the House of Traditions in 2004.
The book has filled a great gap in Hungarian folk teaching. It covers six different dance house topics with around 300 tunes with bass and viola accompaniment.
She also works as a freelance notes transcriber with the computer programme Finale.

She arranged music for the CDs of Csík Band, Parno Graszt Band, Gönczöl Band, Vándor Vocal Group, , Mariann Majorosi folk singer and many others.

You can find Beata's name on blues, beat, pop, jazz and contemporary albums, too.

Some of her references:

Hungarian National Folk Dance Group
Fiddles on Fire Tour - May 2005, England
Arnie Somogyi - Improvokation - an English-Hungarian jazz formation
Kormorán Memory Band
Attila Korom
Tibor Bornai - albums, performances
Magony Strings - Kovács Ferenc
" Bűvölet" - a pop CD by NOX
"Naplegenda" - Nikola Parov
Heavy Méta
Balkan Fanatik
Beata's favorite melody, a Romanian dance from Bontida (Transylvania):

Book Andrea Gerak & Beata Salamon >>>


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