Tuesday, March 08, 2011

In stores in Israel: Mother Tongue album by Effi Shoshani

We are very glad to announce that Israeli composer Effi Shoshani  released a long awaited world music album, Mother Tongue, with the country's leading record label Helicon. Seven female singers (who all happen to be mothers) from seven countries each sing a folk song from their homelands, arranged with the wonderfully soothing Effi Shoshani sound. It's a special honor that Andrea has two songs on the album.

"I met Effi and his beautiful wife a good couple of years ago when they, just by chance, heard me singing in a park here in Budapest. They got my first acapella CD Madárka, Madárka, and a few months later Effi sent me an email. He said he has made some music to one of the songs from my CD, showed it to his friends who were amazed, and asked me very respectfully if he could send it to me to have a listen. 

I never forget the moment when I received the CD with the song on it, put it on at a net café - and I began to fly... It was the song Lonely Is The Bird. 

That's how our working relationship started. And that was one song that opened a new path for me as a singer."

Read what Effi Shoshani has to say about it on his website

Mother Tongue track list:

1. Trollmors Song - Sarah Nebel (Elisabeth Endresen) (Norway) 6:45
2. Oh Love Love - Karolina Kamberska (Czech Republic) 6:36
3. Stars In A Bucket -Maya Avraham (Israel) 6:30
4. Lonely is The Bird - Andrea Gerak (Hungary) 5:08
5. Ninna Nanna A Aette E Venti - Patrizia Deitos (Italy) 6:17
6. Oh, Varmeland - Mimmi Siegel (Sweden) 5:23
7. There Is No Greater Sadness - Andrea Gerak (Hungary) 8:18
8. If only I wouldn't love you - Shain Zakeim (Persia) 7:18

9. Bonus Track –
A Chant in the Lobby \ Oh Love Love - Karolina Kamberska 7:39

Released as a Womens Day gift, on the 8th of March 2011 in Israel, and the album will be available in Europe and worldwide as well.


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