Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Madárka - Little Birdie (Video)

Andrea Gerak singing a Hungarian folk song, improvising with Sandor Fekete-Kiss composer, at a concert in Hungary.
The original piece is almost 18 minutes long, this is the end part.
Last track from the album Árva az a madár - Lonely Is The Bird

Pictures: spring nature photos from Sweden.

Theme: Hungarian folk song from Moldva

Madárka, madárka,
Áraszd meg a vizet,
Áraszd meg a vizet,
Hadd írjak levelet!

Apámnak s anyámnak,
Szűbeli mátkámnak,
Apámnak s anyámnak,
Szűbeli mátkámnak.

Music arrangement: Sandor Fekete-Kiss
Vocals: Andrea Gerak
Song recorded: live at Symmetry Festival Budapest, 2003
Photos, video: Andrea Gerak

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