Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lonely Is The Bird - video

First co-operation between Andrea Gerak and Effi Shoshani Israeli composer.

Title song of the album Lonely Is The Bird

Theme: Hungarian folk song from Moldva

Andrea Gerak: lead vocals, photos
Effi Shoshani: music arrangement, all instruments

Text in English:

Lonely is the bird
That has no mate,
I am lonely as well,
I don't have one either.

One of my eyes is crying,
Let the other one cry too,
Let them both cry
Like a rainshower.

God should have made it so
That I wouldn't have seen you,
The word about me wouldn't have gone
Along with the word about you.

My name wouldn't have been named
Along with your name,
So that now my gloomy heart
Wouldn't be in deep mourning.

Download song: go to this page.

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