Sunday, March 09, 2008

Womens' Day Gala Concert

Yesterday Andrea Gerak performed in Sweden for a Gala Concert celebrating 100th anniversary of the International Womens' Day. The event was a cooproduction between the Embassies of Italy, Hungary and Venezuela, opened by Italy's Ambassador, also attended by the Ambassador of Honduras.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm provided perfect settings for the musical performance.

Andrea's acapella Hungarian folk songs enchanted the audience, as well as the arias sung by Venezuelan born soprano Gabriela Gonzales-Toledo, accompanied by Anders Wadenberg on piano.

"It was a wonderful evening with a great audience and I enjoyed being on both sides on the stage: it's a pure joy to sing in this auditorium with excellent acoustics and atmosphere, just as well as to listen.

My thanks go to all those who made this experience possible.

I found a new favorite place in Stockholm where I would attend future concerts very gladly as a listener or performer."
- Andrea Gerak

The two singers after the gala

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