Friday, November 07, 2008

Cover Girl

An old paper was found whith Andrea Gerak smiling on the cover. The photo and a short article appeared for the Sweden tour of Bartok Dance Ensemble in 1991, in the magazin of the Swedish Industrial Trade Union, Fabriks:

"On the cover Andrea Gerak from Budapest, Hungary, dancing a bottle dance.

Andrea is one of the artists of Bartok Dance Ensemble.

Bela Bartok (1880-1945) is a great name in Hungarian classical and folk music. We heard much about him on the radio this summer.

In Hungary, the Union greatly appreciates culture. Since long, the Chemistry Workers Trade Union has been sponsoring the Bartok group, which does Hungarian folk music and dance, well known in the whole world.

The ensemble has been to near 20 countries. This time they were dancing at many Fabriks places, events for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fabrik. The pictures were taken at the festivities in Brunnspark, Ronneby, of which we write on pages 12 and 13.

In a fight for a nicer world, we need Andrea and the Bartók Ensemble."

The 50th Anniversay Gala and its public dress rehearsal will take place on Sunday, at the Palace of Arts in Budapest.

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Guinda de Plata said...

Marvelous voice, Andrea!!

I,m a spanish girl (sorry for my bad english, please), that I'm discovering now in "Sobre las aireadas olas", an Auxi González's blog about etnic and world music.

Your voice and your music are very nice, marvelous. WONDERFUL!!

Kisses from Cádiz, Spain,

Belén. :o)

Cambridge said...

Hey, Andrea. Are you ok?

A cool image, yes.