Sunday, February 08, 2009

Csángó Tükör interview

In the latest issue of CsángóTükör (Csango Mirror) you can read the first part of an interview with Andrea Gerak. The editors couldn't have timed it better than just before the Csango Ball in Budapest (the link is from 2005, but they have it in the same place this year as well) and the Csango Farsang (Carnival) in Eger. At the latter, Andrea will also perform as a guest.

"I set down for a tea with Lidia in the autumn at Gödör, and we had a great talk, first of all about my trip to Moldva last summer which has given me so many experiences that the majority of what I have seen and heard are still in my head and computer, waiting for being processed. I enjoyed this conversation a lot; it gave me an opportunity to think over and evaluate tings deeply, also for myself."
- Andrea

The interview has been published uncut, without editing and this way the reader can enjoy a real, live conversation, on four pages. (In Hungarian.)

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