Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Andrea performs at her birthplace

Folk songs from Domahaza

Next weekend Andrea Gerak visits her birthplace Ozd in Hungary where she performs at a gala of the local folk dance association.

"I am very glad to take this invitation, because I have only been to Ozd a very few times: I was a little baby when we moved over to Kazincbarcika. When I was a teenager, I went to Ozd for swimming trainings when we didn't have a swimming pool yet in our city, two times to visit someone and last summer for a Takats Tamas Dirty Blues Band as part of the Borsod Arts Festival. I am especially happy about meeting the the traditional folk dance group of Domahaza, because their dances were amongst the first ones I learned when I was a young folk dancer." - Andrea

Place: Cultural Centre of Ozd "Olvaso" (Ozd, Gyar u. 4.)
Date & time: 25 April, Saturday 19:00
Music: Dobroda Band
Guest performers:
Traditional Folk Dance Group of Domahaza
Vadszilvak Folk Dance Group
Entry: 1000.-HUF

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claude said...

Hello Andrea !
Memories are always good !