Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video: There Is No Greater Sadness

Theme song: traditional Hungarian folk song from Transylvania
Music arrangement: Effi Shoshani
Vocals, photos: Andrea Gerak


There is no greater sadness in the world
Than when those get married who don't love each other,
If she has to hug him, she says her arms hurt,
If she has to kiss him, she sheds tears.

I love you, I love you, but tell it to no-one
Till they carry me laid out on the church's ground.
Don't tell it to your mother that I love you,
No-one should know that I'm dying for you.

Love, love, wretched anguish
Why didn't you blossom on the leaves of each tree
On the leaves of each tree, at the bottom of each bush,
Let each boy and girl pluck you.

'cause I've already plucked one and also missed it,
Instead of a tame dove, I caught a wild one,
I would pluck again if I found a good one,
If a good one, if a nice one, my old flame.

For my old flame what wouldn't I do,
I would scoop the water out of the sea with a spoon,
From the sea bottom I would pick tiny pearls,
For my old flame I would bind a pearl-wreath.

Download song from the album Arva az a madar - Lonely Is The Bird

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