Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-sale of new album starts soon: This Way, Sweetheart!

It's been more than ten years now that Andrea Gerak recorded her first acapella solo album, Madarka, madarka (Little Birdie), and the haunting Hungarian folk songs are still flying around the world, giving joy to listeners and being downloaded on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Last FM and other music sites, the CDs travel continents.

According to Midwest Record: "Truly a solo record as Gerak takes front and center for a collection of Hungarian folk songs that feature just her voice. That’s it. Where does that leave the rest of the non-Hungarian speaking world in relation to this record? If you want to hear a pure voice in it’s highest state and just enjoy the ride, the lyricism in Gerak’s presentation will be enough to carry the day. A unique experience that many try to capture and fall short, this is the blue print for how to make such a difficult project look easy."

With a few thousand singing hours, more versatile vocal technique and performing skills, extended repertoire and intense life experiences under Andrea's belt since then, the time is well ripe for a new release.

For many listeners loved the idea of having a voice only album, here comes another one, while new releases with World Fusion songs are in the works as well.

This time you can hear one or two folk songs from other nations too, not only Hungarian ones. The upcoming album titled This Way, Sweetheart! features some of Andrea's most successful acapella songs, those that have become standard pieces of her performances through the years, along with new favorites.

The songs tell us about various stages and emotional aspects of love, the meaning of one's homeland, and we also find soothing lullaby tunes on the album.

"All these are traditional folk songs, old melodies, yet several of them reflect the exact situations in my life right now...", says the singer. "Since a long time I wanted to make another CD with my voice only, because I believe that the human voice is the most perfect music instrument: you don't need to carry big cases, spend a fortune on an excellent quality piece, it will not get lost or robbed from you, and what is most important: you don't need to use any physical object as a via, to communicate feelings and stories with your songs. In an ideal case for a live concert at a place with brilliant acoustics, you don't even need a microphone - what you scream and shout, lull and whisper, hum and chant, will be carried to the listeners only by air. And this is probably what I like most when I perform: to convey a piece of my soul to others, with as less things in between us as possible. Therefore I would like to give the feeling that on this album, I am there in your room when you want to chill out, or walking in the forest with you, sitting on a rock by the sea, laying in the grass and watching the clouds, standing on a mountain top, and I would just sing for you..."

Jaj partam (Wedding Songs)

This Way, Sweatheart!
is scheduled for the first days of December, stay tuned for pre-sale offer!

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