Tuesday, October 27, 2009

World March for Peace and Non-Violence in Stockholm

World March for Peace and Non-Violence arrives to Stockholm on the 29th of October. March together with the whole world, in this most embracive peace manifestation that has ever happened.

The march passes more than 150 countries and demands the governments to dismantle nuclear weapons, end war and all forms of non-violence. The World March implements joy to a new, global consciousness of non-violence.

On Thursday morning, the 29th of October the International Peace Group comes to Stockholm.

Join us in welcoming them when they arrive with the Finland boat to the Viking Line Terminal at Stadsgårdskajen, at 9:40. Bring balloons, drums, flags with you and your best mood.

In the afternoon we gather around the Hiroshima Torch which is carried around the world - the greatest symbol to remind us that NUCLEAR WEAPONS MUST DISAPPEAR from Earth.

In the evening we meet at 17:30, Raoul Wallenbergs torg/Nybroplan, in front of the Drama Theater, and march to Sergels torg where we will sing together.

Contributing artists: Regina Lund, Pepe och Mari, Bolingo, Andrea Gerak, La Populär and Love Aurell. On the screen we will follow Daniel Andersson and Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Perfect Performance broadcasting Bed-in for Peace.

Andrea Gerak and Regina Lund on the 2nd of October at Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm

World March Sweden is supported by: World Without War, Women for Peace, Left Wing Association of Swedish Women, Swedish Peace Council, Green Party, Poetas del Mundo, Museum of Work Norrköping, Radio Studio, Feminist Initiative, Zinkensdamm Hotel, and many private persons, Maj Britt Theorin, Arja Saijonmaa, Mikael Wiehe, Malin Berghagen, Agneta Sjödin, and more.
Media partners: Music Industry News Network, Nordic Africa News, TilliT, Webfinanser, Facebook

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Download flyer in PDF (color photos, Swedish text)
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