Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Like songs? Make a difference!

If you like Andrea Gerak songs or other kind of music, and would like to help the people of Haiti hit by the recent earthquakes, here are a few fun ways to do it.

The singer offers her brand new album for charity: download the acapella album This Way, Sweetheart! from BandCamp and any amount paid above $5 for the full album or above $1 for individual tracks, will be donated to the same volunteer organization supported by the Haiti Aid Through Music compilation

<a href="">Jaj, de sokat áztam-fáztam (Yay, I've Been Freezing) by Andrea Gerak</a>

Download the cross-genre compilation album Haiti Aid Through Music from BandCamp, and 100% of the sales go to volunteer ministers, check out who they are and what they are doing in Haiti

<a href="">One World by Andrea Gerak</a>

Buy CDs or download Andrea's other albums, and CD Baby sends $1 from each full album purchase to American Red Cross or Mercy Corps.

Madárka, madárka (Little Birdie) Haunting A Cappella folk songs from various regions of the historical Hungary

Andrea Gerak: Madárka, madárka (Little Birdie)

Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird) Traditional Hungarian melodies with tunes from the Middle East and Northern Europe, Caribbean rhythms, wrapped in modern technology

Andrea Gerak: Arva Az a Madar - Lonely Is the Bird

Authentic Hungarian Village Music Traditional Hungarian folk, with Transylvanian band Barozda

Andrea Gerak & Barozda: Authentic Hungarian Village Music

4. Andrea Gerak is open to perform at fundraising occasions. Contact


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