Sunday, February 14, 2010

Erik Strandh memorial concert at Stampen

A short concert review from Andrea Gerak:

Is it appropriate to say that one had a great fun at a memorial concert? Because I did, just as all the attendees at the packed Stampen, the famous jazz-blues establishment in Gamla stan (the old town of Stockholm) this afternoon. A few hours (4?) long blues jam session, as a tribute to Erik Strandh pianist who died last Saturday in a heart attack, just after a concert in his hometown Helsingborg with his band Our Thing, at the age of 60.

As I am not too familiar with the blues scene (and not with the music scene in Stockholm in general), I didn't know Erik Strandh; one of my friends, guitarist Thierry Laprevote invited me, who played with him at that last gig...

One of the last performances of Erik Strandh:

This memorial concert was an excellent jam session (hosted by Brian Kramer); countless musicians came to say goodbye to their friend who is now in some other world, but I am sure that all the good vibes from the gig got through to the late pianist and he could hear the music.

I took some photos (had to kneel on a bar chair for about two hours, so that I could see what was going on...)

More pics in my Stockholm photo blog

Contributing musicians: Anders Nystedt,  Ivan Jezek,  Williams Caroline, Daniel Ramsten,  Olle Sjöstedt, Emil Lindroth, Micael Öberg,  Brian Kramer, Steve Wadidiz Morris, Miiko Melody,  Jon Ben Berger, Thierry Laprevote, Marcelo Nunez, Mats Qwarfordt, Fanny Holm Sickenga - and many others

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