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Listen <a href="">Waterwheel by Andrea Gerak</a> Download: click on "i"

Another contribution to the Haiti Aid Through Music charity compilation.

World fusion piece from Mariah Parker's debut album Sangria.
Beginning with a bowed bass solo, the fluid tabla in circular 7/8 time takes us flowing around the wheel . Within the Indian tradition, this common meter is called "rupak tal".
Track credits: 
Mariah Parker
- piano, Matthew Montfort - scalloped fretboard guitar,
Mindia Devi Klein - bansuri, Kash Killion - bass, Debopriyo Sarkar - tabla, Duru Demetrius - percussion

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Mariah Parker’s is an intriguing voice on the world music and jazz scenes. Mariah has performed in the US and Europe, and worked with many musicians of note including composer Pauline Oliveros and the late Dumisani Maraire (renowned composer from Zimbabwe).

The celebration of the release of Sangria marks Parker’s debut as a leader, where she seamlessly blends together the considerable talents of her Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble.

"Parker and friends blend the rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz music with the entrancing, asymmetrical meters of East Indian rhythms resulting in first-class world music.”
— Latin Beat Magazine

"If Dave Brubeck were doing something with a Latin beat, it would come out sounding like this." — Zone Music Reporter

"This collection of eight original instrumentals by Mariah Parker is just one of many examples of the infusion of East Indian music into Western music, but to my ears one of the most successful." — AudophileAudition

Download track and support volunteers working in Haiti, click on "i" <a href="">Waterwheel by Andrea Gerak</a>

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<a href="">One World by Andrea Gerak</a>


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