Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ostracized Melancholy

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 From the charity compilation in progress Haiti Aid Through Music, this track is by Softcore

The act of Ostracism was a procedure under the Athenian democracy in which a prominent citizen could be expelled from the city-state of Athens for ten years. Melancholy, on the other hand, in contemporary usage, is a mood disorder of non-specific depression, characterized by low levels of enthusiasm and low levels of eagerness for activity. In a modern context, "melancholy" applies only to the mental or emotional symptoms of depression or despondency.

So, lets all together expel our depression and unwillingness for action, preserve our hopes for a better tomorrow and start making this world a better place with our own actions! That was the idea, when Softcore wrote this track!

Softcore is Theodor Galanis, born in Athens, Greece. He creates his own musical pieces based on electronic-dance music with a mixture from old style house, new tech beats, minimalistic structures and dark atmospheres! He is considered by more than a few a "perfectionist" regarding the quality of the final production and he is well known for his -almost obsessive- attention to detail when it comes to sound engineering.He has been supported by many Greek DJs and his tracks have been featured in a lot of Greek-based web radio stations. 2009 found Softcore more active than ever, having his tracks Rokit and Immaculate released!

Currently he is working on his first EP release and remixes for big names in the genre.

Download track and support volunteers working in Haiti

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