Friday, September 24, 2010

Andrea Gerak - Zoltan Lantos duo

Andrea Gerak and Zoltan Lantos present their duo
on the 27th of October 2010, at IF Café, Budapest IX., 19 Ráday str.  

"The Hungarian voice that will keep one excited. Without fear, she experiments with traditional subjects, mainly with those coming from her country, approaching them from different angles. Nothing resists her; neither new age, nor world fusion, nor a cappella interpretations..." - Sobre Las Aireadas Olas

In many corners of the world, the name and of course, first of all the voice of Budapest and Stockholm based Andrea Gerak equals Hungarian folk song. With Irish, Turkish, Bulgarian and other folk songs, she takes the listener to other lands as well, even to such exotic places as the Solomon Islands.

Performing solo, with music or acapella, she mesmerizes the audience as well as in duo or accompanied by a full band.

Zoltan Lantos
Zoltan Lantos is a violinist who is at home in musical cultures from across the globe - but has forged a sonic language all his own, using Hungarian and Classical traditions, Eastern music and modern European jazz.

He is part of several international projects, beside performing solo, with electronic sound. Lantos' musical identity, as a violin player, is rooted in the traditions of his native Hungary. At the same time, it is deeply influenced by Indian music and other Eastern traditions, all embedded in a whirlpool of electronics, ambient textures and live looping. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes pulsing with fiery dance rhythms, his compositions and improvisations echo the music of his homeland, as well as the vast musical experiences he came across his way. Over the years, Lantos' musical voyage has brought him together with many great artists on stage and in the studio. But equally important were his numerous meetings with lesser known folk and ritual musicians, in the caves of Granada, the deserts of Rajasthan, the age-old Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas, and remote Bulgarian weddings.

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Anonymous said...

i wish we could make it - it'd be such a treat!


Andrea Gerak said...

Thank you Ljova! I am following your news and somehow I have the feeling that our musical paths will cross one day...