Thursday, November 25, 2010

After Brugges Festival

The Hungarian singer is the vocalist of Brugge-Bucharest Express, an international production, led by Belgian composer Wouter Vandenabeele, which had its premier at Brugges Festival, in November 2010.

"Andrea Gerak singer excelled in her Hungarian songs as well as in vocalized parts, with her driving personality." Full review (in Dutch, use a translator)

Brugges Festival (1)

What listeners say: "We were there Thursday night and everyone in the family liked it! It was moving to see how each musician played with dedication and obvious enjoyment, and the singer with her enchanting voice brought Transylvania a little closer to Flanders ... Will there be a CD of this music??"

Photos on Facebook (rehearsals and other backstage moments)

The artists:

Hans Roels (BE) - photos, concept
Wouter Vandenabeele (BE) - violin, concept, music, band leader
Andrea Gerak (HU) - vocals
Lotte Remmen (BE) - violin
Marcel Ramba (RO) - violin, music
Nicolas Hazeur (BE) - violin
Luc De Gezelle (BE) - violin
Florejan Verscheuren (BE) - piano
Frederik Heirman (BE) - trombone
Relu Merisan (RO-FR) - cimbalom (hammered dulcimer)
Arne Van Dongen (BE) - double bass


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