Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This Way, Sweetheart! CD offer

<a href="">Jaj, de sokat áztam-fáztam (Yay, I've Been Freezing) by Andrea Gerak</a>

Order one or more CDs, and along with your signed copy, get a small, personal surprise from Andrea in the mail.

You will also get a download code so that you can immediately enjoy the songs in your MP3 player, iPod or whatever you prefer, while waiting the mail to arrive.

You tell the price, what the whole thing is worth to you. (8,- USD, incl. shipping)

And if this is still not good enough: we have now a SPECIAL OFFER: the next 1000 customers (starting from 2010 November 22) can download the album Lonely Is The Bird album as a gift.

Andrea recommends:

All I wanted with this CD was to try and see how can one communicate through these old songs, in their purest simplicity. No fancy effects, no lines recorded twenty times - just as you were here with me and I would sing for you, all the things I have to say.

Feelings of love, happiness, joy, sorrow and longing were the same hundred years ago as they are today..." -
Andrea Gerak

What listeners say:

"It was a very daring attempt to make such a long voice only album... It was worth to do it!!" - L. Z. (Photographer, Hungary)

"I just want to thank you again to let me enjoy your beautiful voice, so pure, on your cd with all those nice tunes. Although I can't understand what you are singing I do understand the feelings. And I like your fast voice vibrato so much." - Luc Callaert (Singer, Belgium)



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Thanks, dear Andrea!