Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jaj, de sokat áztam-fáztam (Yay, I've Been Freezing)

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Hungarian folk song from Áj (Háj) village in Eastern Slovakia (Map), from the album This Way, Sweetheart!
Photo: Andrea Gerak
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Listen to a dance version of an earlier vocal recording of this song, which has been #2 on SoundClick World Fusion Chart, by Cambridge 2003 feat. José Aurelio Ferrández (duduk) and Edgar Molina (percussions)

Szöveg / Lyrics

Jaj, de sokat áztam-fáztam,
Mikor kapud előtt álltam.
De már mostan megmelegszem,
Fehér dunnád alá fekszem.

Isten áldjon meg kendteket,
Ti csucsomi legényeket,
De azt se nem mindegyiket,
Csak akik engem szerettek.

Jaj, de csalárd ez a kakas,
Éjfélt kiált, hajnal hasad.
Szívem alól foly a patak,
Jaj, de jó legénynek adtak.

Yay, I've been freezing so much
When I was standind in front of your door.
But now I will warm up,
I will lay under your white duvet.

God bless you,
You boys from Csucsom,
But not all of you,
Only those who have loved me.

Yay, this cock is cheating,
It cries Midnight, when the dawn is coming,
A stream is flowing from my heart,
Yay, I've been given to such a good boy.

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