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Erre gyere, rózsám (This Way, Sweetheart)

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Title song of the album This Way, Sweetheart! Traditional Hungarian folk song from Mátyusföld (Slovak: Matušova zem) South-West Slovakia.
It was also featured on Andrea's first CD Madarka, Madarka (Little Birdie), and this is a new recording.
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House in Martos (Martovce), a mostly Hungarian village in Mátyusföld,
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Szöveg / Lyrics

Erre gyere, rózsám, nincsen sár,
Nincsen az ajtómon semmi zár,
Kinyílik az ajtó magától,
A szeretőm gyönge két karjától.

Akkor szép az erdő, mikor zöld,
Mikor a vadgalamb benne költ
Olyan a vadgalamb, mint a lány,
Maga jár a szép legény után.

This way, sweetheart (literally: my rose), no mud here,
There is no any lock on my door,
My door opens by itself,
By the two tender arms of my lover.

The forest is nice when it is green,
When the wild dove brood in it,
Wild doves are like girls,
They go after the nice boys themselves.

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This song is part of Andrea's birthday wish


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