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  Baegu lullaby from Fulinui village (Solomon Islands), sung by a woman named Afunakwa, recorded by Hugo Zemp in 1968, released on the Fataleka and Baegu Music of Malaita CD by UNESCO.
From the album This Way, Sweetheart!
Photo: Antony Robinson
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Listen to the original recording of Afunakwa, with more info of this song:

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This song has several arrangements and remixes from various artists, the most known ones are Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest and Pygmy Lullaby by Jan Garbarek.

An earlier recording from Andrea Gerak was also put to music by Ángel Orós (Cambridge 2003): Rorogwela Sunset Mix and Rorogwela Blue Beach Mix

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Little brother, little brother, stop crying, stop crying,
Though you are crying and crying, who else will carry you,
Who else will groom you, both of us are now orphans,
From the island of the dead, their spirit will continue to look after us
Just like royalty, taken care of with all the wisdom of such a place

Little brother, little brother even in the gardens
This lullaby continues to the different divisions of the garden,
From the island of the dead,
Their spirit will continue to look after us.

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